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A Brief History and Description


Jessie Clark Christian Elementary School

Pocatello, ID


In 1939, a private school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church was first

opened in a side room of the old church on Sixth Street, in Pocatello, Idaho.


When the new church was built on the West Bench, on Valleyview Drive, the school was moved to the basement of the new building. Although the new building provided greater classroom area, there was no provision for athletics.


In January of 1981, a building was completed at 1480 Barton Road, in Pocatello, Idaho. The school was of metal construction situated on six acres of land. The facility included four classrooms, a kitchen, library, gymnasium, office and a teacher's preparation room. The school was named in honor of Jessie Clark, who donated funds for the building of the school.


In 1994, this facility was sold in an effort to "right size" the facility to the school enrollment. The school once again met in the basement of the church on Valleyview Drive. A new facility, near 1-86, at 1451 Jessie Clark Lane was completed and occupied.


Jessie Clark Christian Elementary School is Idaho State Accredited and has maintained this accreditation since 1993-1994. It is also accredited with the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The teachers maintain both state and North Pacific Union Conference credentials.


Children doing work at the levels of grades one through three are grouped in an ungraded level. Grades four through eight are separated. Standard classes in language arts (including spelling, handwriting, literature, writing, study skills, and listening), reading, art, mathematics, music, science, social studies, health, and physical education are taught. Computers are available to the students and are used in class work.


Classroom instruction includes a Bible course, which reflects the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of our Christian faith. Students, however, are not required to become Adventists and they will not be discriminated against.because of differing convictions. A pamphlet describing the typical course of study in more detail is available upon request.