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Scrip Fundraiser Program

What is Scrip? 
Scrip is a way to fundraise using special store gift cards.

What do I need to do to participate?
Simple – just shop!  The scrip gift cards can be used at any Kroger store including Fred Meyer, Smiths, Loaf ’N Jug, QFC, Ralphs, and Food 4 Less.

The scrip gift cards can be used to purchase ANY merchandise in the store, groceries, and even gas! You can also use scrip to buy different gift cards in stock at the store to various restaurants and other retailers. Spend these gift cards at your favorite restaurants and retailers or give them as gifts! (There are only two exceptions – scrip cannot be used to purchase Kroger gift cards or prepaid debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.)

Remember to treat your scrip cards like cash.  If it is lost, it cannot be replaced.

Where can I buy scrip gift cards? 
Call Craig to order your scrip gift cards.  Simply tell Craig the number of cards you would like and the value you want on each card.  Card values can be ordered for $5-$500 increments.  Orders are typically placed on a weekly basis.

How are the funds from the scrip program benefiting the school?
The funds raised from the scrip program are being accumulated to use when JCCS reopens.
Also, don’t forget to scan your Smith’s rewards card when you shop and pay with scrip! The school receives a cash donation when your rewards card is linked to the Community Rewards program.  Smith’s #82834; Fred Meyer #92376